Unveiling the Deathcore Dream Team

Unveiling the Deathcore Dream Team

Written by Briana Vandrope:


In the ever-expanding universe of metal reactors and reviewers, one figure stands out as a beacon for all things heavy and brutal—Ohrion Reacts, the mastermind behind Blegh Nation. With over 167k subscribers on YouTube, Ohrion has become a trusted source for the latest trends, nastiest breakdowns, and undiscovered gems in the metal and deathcore music scene. In May 2023, Ohrion turned his discerning ear and critical eye towards Face Yourself, and the result was nothing short of a glowing endorsement.

The Blegh-Worthy Reaction:

In a reaction video spotlighting Face Yourself, Ohrion wasted no time in immersing himself in the sonic onslaught. The mere mention of Ya, the lead vocalist, and the promise of heavy breakdowns triggered a headbanging session that set the tone for what was to come. Within the first 10 seconds, Ohrion found himself nodding approvingly to the relentless rhythm, and as Ya unleashed her deathcore growls, he exclaimed, "What the fuck is this?" It was a visceral reaction, a genuine expression of awe in the face of Face Yourself's sonic assault.

Comparisons to Deathcore Royalty:

What set this reaction apart was Ohrion's astute comparison of Ya's vocals to the legendary Will Ramos of Lorna Shore. For any deathcore enthusiast, this is the highest form of praise. Ohrion's recognition of Ya as the next in line to the deathcore throne speaks volumes about the raw power and talent emanating from Face Yourself.

Ohrion's Verdict: A Deathcore Dream Team:

In a bold declaration, Ohrion labeled Face Yourself as a "Deathcore Dream Team." His enthusiasm for the band's sound, Ya's vocal prowess, and the overall impact of their music on the metal scene was palpable. The endorsement wasn't just about a reaction; it was a testament to the potential and promise that Face Yourself brings to the table.

A Compliment Well Deserved:

To be likened to the greats and be recognized as a potential force in the metal music scene is a feather in Face Yourself's cap. Ohrion's compliment, "This DEATHCORE DREAM TEAM has a lot going for them in the Metal music scene," echoes the sentiment of metalheads worldwide who have discovered the band through his reactions.


As Face Yourself continues to carve its path in the metal landscape, Ohrion Reacts has become a torchbearer, shining a spotlight on the next generation of metal and deathcore excellence. With Ohrion's seal of approval, Face Yourself stands poised to unleash their sonic fury and make their mark on the ever-evolving metal music scene. The journey has just begun, and the Deathcore Dream Team is ready to conquer. \m/

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