Unmasking the Dynamic Collective Behind Face Yourself

Unmasking the Dynamic Collective Behind Face Yourself

Written by Briana Vandrope:

In the cauldron of creativity, where talents converge and stories intertwine, Face Yourself emerges as a powerhouse of deathcore artistry. This blog post aims to unveil the tapestry of diverse journeys, relentless passion, and musical prowess that brought together the extraordinary members of this metal force.

Eric DiCarlo: Founder and Drummer - Crafting Resilience Through Rhythm:

The heartbeat of Face Yourself, Eric DiCarlo, faced the tumultuous currents of life with unwavering determination. Battling a learning disability in his youth, he found solace in the cadence of percussion. His journey through video production and acting ultimately led him back to the drum kit, birthing Face Yourself in 2023. Eric's resilience and creative spirit are the driving force that fuels the band's sonic journey.

Ya (Yasmine): Vocalist - A Symphony of Classical Roots and Deathcore Dreams:

From the halls of classical music to the brutal realm of deathcore, Ya's journey is a melodic odyssey. After studying classical music, her passion led her to a grunge/rock cover band before finding her true calling in deathcore. Auditioning for Face Yourself in 2022, Ya seized the opportunity to unleash her vocal prowess and contribute to the band's sonic tapestry.

Dave Ricco: Lead Guitarist - Shredding Through Genres, Engineering Success:

Dave Ricco's musical odyssey began at the age of 10, culminating in a full scholarship to New Jersey City University. After a decade with Hard Rock outfit Ascending From Ashes, Dave ventured into music production and engineering, becoming a name in the local scene. In Face Yourself, he brings not only his lead guitar mastery but also a wealth of production experience that enriches the band's sound.

Thomas Cardone: Guitarist - From Progressive Tech to Ignorantly Heavy:

Thomas Cardone's musical journey traverses genres, from playing shows with bands that would later become metal giants to his time with progressive/tech band Sentinels. After a hiatus to focus on personal growth, Thomas joined forces with Eric Dicarlo to embark on the deathcore journey of Face Yourself. His return to the roots of deathcore adds an element of raw power to the band's evolving sound.

Corey: Guitarist - From Metallica Riffs to the Evolution of Levitated:

Corey's path to Face Yourself winds through the halls of Metallica riffs and the formation of Levitated. His connection with Eric DiCarlo and Thomas Cardone led him to Face Yourself, initially offered a role in ghostwriting vocals but later securing a full-time position. Corey's journey is a testament to the transformative power of collaboration and shared musical vision.

Kyle: Bass Guitarist - Metal Roots and Underground Explorations:

Kyle's musical journey spans from the iconic Metallica to underground realms explored with projects like Burning Beneath and Issorophobia. A multi-talented musician, Kyle brings his experience not only as a bassist for Face Yourself but also as a vocalist. His diverse background adds layers to the band's sonic 

Face Yourself is not just a band; it's a convergence of musical destinies. These diverse individuals, each carrying a unique story and set of skills, have united to create a deathcore force that defies boundaries. As you delve into their music, remember that behind each crushing riff and guttural scream is a narrative of resilience, passion, and the unyielding pursuit of artistic expression. Face Yourself, indeed, for the story behind the music is as captivating as the sonic storm they unleash.

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