Deathcore on Crack: Face Yourself's Explosive Journey to Conquer the Metal Realm

Deathcore on Crack: Face Yourself's Explosive Journey to Conquer the Metal Realm

Written by Briana Vandrope:


In the heart of the Tristate Area, a storm is brewing. March 2023 witnessed the birth of a relentless force in the metal scene — Face Yourself. Aptly named, this American deathcore band has rapidly become a juggernaut, pushing the boundaries of the genre with an intense and brutal sound that grips audiences from the first chord.

Unleashing the Beast:

From the outset, Face Yourself declared war on mediocrity. Their music, a fusion of bone-crushing breakdowns, blistering guitar solos, and guttural vocals, is an auditory assault that resonates with the primal force of a hurricane. Their explosive sound reflects a dedication to revitalizing the classic Myspace deathcore vibe with a modern twist.

A Journey Through Darkness:

Face Yourself's mission extends beyond the sonic onslaught. Their name is a testament to their commitment to exploring the complexities of human emotions, societal issues, and personal struggles. Each song is a journey into the shadows, an invitation for listeners to confront their own demons.

Three EPs, Nine Videos: A Testament to Tenacity:

What sets Face Yourself apart is not just their sonic ferocity but their astounding work ethic. In less than a year, they've managed to unleash three EPs and nine music videos upon the metal realm. A feat that is nothing short of extraordinary, considering the intensity and intricacy of their compositions.

Evolution in Sound and Vision:

Face Yourself's discography is not just a collection of tracks but a narrative of growth. With each release, they have showcased an evolution in their musicianship and songwriting. Their commitment to the craft is evident in the critical acclaim each release has garnered, both from fans and critics alike.

A Force to be Reckoned With:

As Face Yourself continues to captivate audiences with their ferocious sound, they stand as a formidable force in the deathcore realm. Their unwavering passion, raw talent, and relentless drive position them to conquer new heights and leave an indelible mark on the metal genre.


In a world where conformity is the norm, Face Yourself stands as a testament to the power of breaking free from the chains of expectation. Deathcore on crack, indeed. As they continue to carve their path through the metal landscape, we eagerly anticipate the sonic storms and introspective journeys Face Yourself has yet to unveil. Prepare to face the music, for this is only the beginning of their explosive odyssey.

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